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The most significant differences between American and Rugby football are that in Rugby all players are allowed to handle the ball and any sort of blocking, forward passing, and time-outs are not allowed. Unlike American football, in case of Rugby any kind of screening and obstruction to players who do not have the ball is not allowed.

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American football fields are shorter than rugby pitches, having a total length of 109.73m compared to rugby’s 120m. Rugby pitches are much wider too at 70m compared to 48.77m in American football. Protective Equipment. Rugby players play with the minimal of protective equipment, most playing only with a gum-shield.

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Biggest Differences Between Rugby and American Football Passing. One of the biggest differences between the two sports is the passing. In rugby, you cannot pass the ball... Number of Players and Points. In rugby, there are 15 players on the field, with 8 reserves (which do not have to be... Pitch ...

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The most crucial difference between rugby and American football occurs when a player is tackled. In American Football, the play is whistled dead and there’s a 35 second break for both teams to re-group. In Rugby, the play continues.

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Rugby and American football may seem similar with both sports having a lot of aggression, running, and physicality, but they still have numerous differences. Although when you consider the fact that American football developed from Rugby in the 19 th century, it shouldn’t be strange to see some people believe the sports are virtually the same.

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A Rugby ball is approximately 27cm long; an American football is around 28cm long Rugby balls (60cm circumference at center) are fatter in the middle in comparison to American footballs (56cm... Rugby ball weighs around 1lb whereas an American football weighs a few ounces less In order to ...

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What is the difference between Rugby and American Football? Now, that we have a general idea about the two games, let us see these differences. American football is so called as it is mainly played in the US, whereas rugby is a sport that is played all over Europe, Australia, and Africa and even in Asia.

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What's the real difference between American football and Rugby. Is American Football is just rugby with a ton of armour. Or is it just that bit more exciting? DJ ...

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