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While basketball allows 2 steps after dribbling handball allows 3 steps after dribbling. A handball player must shoot or pass the ball to a teammate before he takes his 4th step or it will result in a traveling violation. Steps with no dribbling: This situation typically occurs when a player receives a pass, usually while moving. While basketball players can take two steps after receiving the pass, handball players can take three steps.

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As nouns the difference between basketball and handball is that basketball is (sports|uncountable) a sport in which two opposing teams of five players strive to put a ball through a hoop while handball is (uncountable) a team sport where two teams of seven players each (six players and a goalkeeper) pass and bounce a ball trying to throw it in the goal of the opposing team.

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In basketball the ball has more acceleration than in handball. In handball the ball travels at a constant speed into the goal. In basketball the ball travels up, peaks and then travels down. It includes change of direction and speed which is acceleration.

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Basketball, is a sport played with a hoop on a court And handball is a sport played with a wall or with a goal on a field

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Basketball plays for 12 minutes each quarter. Handball has less break time, causing it to be more tiring and more competitive. Handball has 2 minute half time break. Not only that but the CLOCK DOESN'T STOP UNTIL THE minutes of the second half unless one team is leading by a margin of 10 goals.

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In handball you have goals and in netball you have a net(like in basketball). Balls are different. Netball is mostly(only) played by females.

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U.S. Basketball Court Dimensions: 28.7 m x 15.2 m (94 ft x 50 ft) A handball court is 6 meters longer at each end and 2.5 meters wider on each side. As a result of this difference, wing players in handball travel significantly greater distances than basketball players while other handball positions match more closely to basketball offense to defense transitions.

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Team Handball: 7.3 to 7.5: 185-191: this is for the size III ball: Volleyball: 8.15 to 8.39: 207 to 213: Bowling: 8.500 to 8.595: 215.9 to 218.3: this is the maximum size: Soccer: 8.5 to 8.8: 216 to 223: dimensions for a regulation size 5 ball. Water polo: 8.5 to 8.9: 216.5 to 226.0: size 5 (used for male adults) Netball: 8.9: 226: Basketball: 9.4: 238.8: dimensions for a regulation size 7 ball.