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Tennis Forehand Tips: Use Your "Pinky Lever" For Speed

With two hands this won’t be possible. I do think that focusing on using the pinky and ring on both the right and left hand with most of the pressure will help though. If the thumb and index finger get too tight, it will be tough to get lag and release the racket with the two hander.

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Measurement Method #1 – Pinky Finger Trick. Grip a tennis racket with an Eastern forehand grip, which resembles how you would hold a hammer. Once you are holding the racket correctly, place the pinky finger of your other hand in the space between your ring finger and the palm of your hand. The pinky finger should fit snugly into this space.

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A proper tennis grip should feel firm but not tight, similar to a firm handshake. Your fingers should end up in an angled position along the handle. A V-shaped groove should form at the top, between the thumb and index finger. At the bottom of the handle, the pinky through middle finger should be close together.

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When the blade is in place, the index and middle fingers curl down the blade, gripping it, and the ring and pinky fingers are wrapped around the handle of the paddle. The thumb can be placed wherever it feels most comfortable for the player.

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Because depending on how it fits on the hand pad, maintaining the index knuckle and pinky finger on the right positions, the tightening feeling would be different, in detriment of a more powerfull “snapping the cap” feeling. Maybe there would be a trade-off, but I don’t know for sure and in which proportion.

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Wrist and pinky pain. When I play for a while sometimes my wrist will hurt as well as my ring and pinky finger. This happens because I use a western grip and when I hit my forehand hard it pushes my fingers down(away from the thumb holding your hand flat on a table).

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The tennis grip is how you hold the tennis racquet in your hand and impacts every shot you hit in tennis. It is important to know the different grips and the strengths and weaknesses of each so you can determine which grip is best suited for your game.

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The paddle’s blade should allow the player’s index and middle fingers to wrap around the edge. The grip is such that the player’s ring and pinky fingers cover the paddle’s handle, and the thumb remains in the most comfortable position. It is the grip of choice for table tennis players looking for more power and spin when attacking the ball.

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Sampras did the same thing I think. Some coaches think kind of having your pinky finger off the grip slightly promotes a looser swing action, more raquet action. I think I agree if you can get comfortable with it. And one more thing, I really like how John addressed the grip issue on the Fed serve article.