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Tennis Meaning | Best 4 Definitions of Tennis

Court tennis. noun. 2. 1. A game played with rackets and a light ball by two players or two pairs of players on a rectangular court divided by a net. The players must hit the ball over the net and into a marked area on the other side for play to continue. noun.

Tennis | Definition of Tennis by Merriam-Webster

Definition of tennis. 1 : an indoor or outdoor game that is played with rackets and a light elastic ball by two players or pairs of players on a level court (as of clay or grass) divided by a low net. 2 : court tennis.

Tennis definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

tennis in American English. (ˈtɛnɪs ) noun. 1. a game, usually played outdoors, in which two players or two pairs of players using rackets hit a fabric-covered, hollow rubber ball back and forth over a net stretched across a marked, level, rectangular area ( tennis court ) : in full lawn tennis. 2.

TENNIS | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

tennis definition: 1. a game played between two or four people on a special playing area that involves hitting a small…. Learn more.

Tennis Vocabulary | Vocabulary | EnglishClub

Tennis is one of the world's most widely-played sports, enjoyed by players of all ages. It is also a popular spectator sport, with star players in glamorous tournaments watched on TV by millions of fans all over the world. Women's matches attract as much interest as the men's, and tennis is one of the few professional sports in which women can earn as much prize money as men.

Ad Court in Tennis | Definition, Examples, and Questions ...

Learn everything you need to know about the term ad court in tennis. We provide a clear definition, examples of ad court in a sentence, & answers to common questions.

tennis court oath in a sentence - tennis court oath sentence

tennis court oath in a sentence - Use tennis court oath in a sentence and its meaning 1. The anniversary of the Tennis Court Oath on 20 June was approaching. 2. The Tennis Court Oath ( Serment du Jeu de Paume ) was a pivotal event during the first days of the French Revolution. click for more sentences of tennis court oath...

Sentence Definition, Sentence Examples, Types of Sentence

A sentence which states facts, describes, or report something is called a declarative or assertive sentence. Declarative sentences can be positive or negative. They end with a full stop (.). Examples. John is eating a pizza. My dad plays tennis every day. I am reading a storybook. Beni and Peter are good friends. Interrogative Sentence