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15 Interesting Facts About Volleyball Volleyball was invented in 1895 in Massachusetts by William G. Morgan. Volleyball was initially named "mintonette" but was changed to volleyball when Morgan heard an observer of the game... In 1916, the skills of set and spike were originated during a match in ...

10 Fun Facts About Volleyball

10 Fun Facts About Volleyball. Fact 1: The game of volleyball was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan. Fact 2: The first World Championships were held in 1949 for men and 1952 for women. Fact 3: Volleyball were first introduced as Olympic sports in 1964. Fact 4: Most volleyball players jump about 300 times a match.

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1. Volleyball was invented by William George Morgan, an American educator. Morgan was an acquaintance of basketball... 2. Volleyball had a dainty name: Mintonette. This is on account of the fact that it was similar to badminton (“minton”... 3. Originally, volleyball was meant to be played indoors. ...

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The net is 7 feet, 11 5/8ths high for men. For women it is 7 feet, 4 1/8 th inches high. The six positions on a volleyball team include the setter, server, blocker, spiker, passer, and the digger. Every week in the United States approximately 46 million people play volleyball.

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Volleyball was 115 years old in 2010. Volleyball began in the United States. William G. Morgan is credited with inventing the game. He wanted to combine elements from baseball, handball, basketball... Volleyball was first called “mintonette”. The net from tennis was used and raised to 6 feet and 6 ...

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Volleyball is relatively young and it debuted at the Olympic Games in 1964 in Tokyo. Japan came out to be the first women’s winner and the Soviet Union won the men’s tournament. 29. Volleyball was invented a long time ago. Volleyball isn’t considered the oldest sport in the world. It was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan.

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The longest recorded game of volleyball was played in Kingston, North Carolina. The game went on for 75 hours and 30 minutes. Volleyball is currently the 2nd most popular form of sport in the world today and is exceeded only by the game of soccer. A game of volleyball is played by two teams each having six players.

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A player should be able to cover about 10 by 10 feet. Should any player during play touch the net, it puts the ball out of play and counts against his side. Should any player catch or hold for an instant the ball, it is out of play and counts for the opposite side.