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Warframe's Peer-to-Peer Networking and Why It's a Thing ...

P2P networking is where the players host a server for your squad and your squad's mission. Let's say you invite some friends to your squad and you start a mission. You, in this example, would be the host, and everyone else in your squad is connected to your instance of the mission.

Why is this still Peer-to-Peer? :: Warframe General Discussion

To answer your question: just look at how much network trouble the game had from the massive influx of players that came in when the PoE update launched. Multiply that by about a hundred, and you'd have a rough estimate of what it would've been like if the game didn't have peer-to-peer squad hosting.

Peer To Peer - PC Bugs - Warframe Forums

so PC is peer to peer, but X1 and PS4 are using servers. does anyone know if the PC will eventually move to servers? cos peer to peer sux, like really, really sux. from host migrations that cause you to lose gear, game breaking lag due to a mismatched ping, the forums are full of peer to peer spe...

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Peer to Peer multi-player is a massive misstep considering ...

I'm pretty sure there's no peer to peer in this game. They have dedicated servers, that's why you can't play when the servers are down. Your getting latency because the servers are inundated and not scaling up enough, causing your client to get ahead and the desync is where the perceived lag is happening.

Constant Host Migration :: Warframe General Discussion

Warframe is run on a Peer to Peer system instead of a Player to Server system. This means that one of the Players in the match is hosting the game. As some players have better connections than others, this can result in dropped connections or lag filled matches occuring if a player doesn't have a good enough connection.

[Question] So.. Is my ping really 21ms : Warframe

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r/Warframe - Per LeYou's annual report, 2016 was a record ...

Amazing to see Warframe constantly growing in popularity. It's made enough mistakes over the years that have killed comparable games, yet it still grows, and more content is coming. The thing that is crazy to me is how we have dedicated servers for PVP, but Destiny 2 can't. DE's net income for 2016 was, 58.7M CAD.

Forwarding Ports in Your Router for Warframe

Forward Ports for Warframe When you are playing Warframe you might need to forward some ports in your router. Forwarding ports is a useful trick in gaming because it can really help to make your network connection most stable and on occasion even faster.